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Mod Community Currencies

Documentation for the Tiki Mod to provide Community Currencies feature
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This feature is in process of being installed here in cc.tw.o.

You can get it when you install the "CC" Mod (Community Currencies)external link in a Tiki site (how to install Mods in Tiki?external link).

With this feature you can perform some basic actions to support the community currencies system:

''General menu of
in a a Tiki''

''Initial help screen of the "Community Currencies'' system
''List of all existing currencies in the system''

''List of all personal currencies''

''List of all transactions in the system''

''List of my transactions''

''Creating a new currency''

''Record a new transaction performed''

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Page last modified on Monday 28 May, 2007 [17:07:54 UTC] by xavi.

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you can't delete a currency, can you?
on: Tue 03 Jul, 2007 [18:08 UTC] score: 0.00
I made a duplication of currency (by mistake, I didn't notice that you made that already, "h" of "hours"), but I can't delete it. I just closed it.

Should deleteing currency be included as an option?

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